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Reconstruction of fans

Cooling tower fans reconstruction

A fan is the most expensive cooling tower unit to be repaired periodically.
STEADY company offers services to completely reconstruct fans and partially replace components.
Our company has rich experience. Besides : STEADY is a reliable and unique source of supplying a special vertical shaft alloys for excessive thrust load.

We offer replacement of impeller with composite blades or aluminum blades, replacement of different types drives, converging tubes and fan stacks for cell-type wet cooling towers.

We always provide you with an opportunity to replace original equipment. In the case of impossibility to do it, we will offer an appropriate alternative.

What we offer:

  •     Vertical shaft replacement 
  •     Replacement of steel fan case to FRP one
  •     Replacement of impellers
  •     Replacement of gearboxes
  •     Replacement of drives (direct , gear and belt driven)
  •     Replacement of control cabinets
  •     Fan balance applying ( Static - Dynamic )

Our servicing engineers owning the great experience and necessary tools will install expertly all the supplied equipment and will implement its start-up.


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