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We are STEADY - near you , availability , reliability and sustainability

The reliable provider of industrial and building cooling towers sets and spare parts near you our company have grown by leaps and bounds and had been setting new standards. Starting put with only ability, enthusiasm and a clear vision of destination, our team has earned every single reputation.

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Stars Customers

We deserve the honor, as we got the trust and sustainable mutual success with collaboration with the biggest companies in HVAC field; as examples: we have several projects with the biggest district cooling stations in Egypt which serving:

  • Smart Village
  • American university in Cairo 5th district campus  

either with big corporate like : EL Swidi , Egypt air , MIDTAP , Echem , Egyptian steel , Kandil steel , Sprea Misr , Canex , Ideal Standard , Wadi glass , Halawani , MEG, Atic , Adwia , intercontinental hotels , Ritz Carlton hotel ,  Cairo metro , GasCool , Ageeba for petroleum league of Arab states ... and more

Success tools

  • Rare team ( honest - energetic – trained – cooperated(
  • High quality , tested products with the sufficient success and reliability
  • Theoretical and sophisticated industrial techniques with accurate literature and measuring instruments and programs
  • The fair and selective prices with the high value can be added to the market and society
  • Spare parts availability and fast response to the operation sustainability needs
  • Introducing the feeding parts for the manufactures beside the complete sets and spare parts for industries
  • Honest suppliers who can support our credibility with the final customer , and never breach

Knowledge ( Know How – Know Why )

We are keen to gain the methodology for our works by programs, training, reading, measuring and local and online consulting our partner experts, who are working for the universal largest manufacturers’ names, which make our products and services, built on right data and accurate calculations, for the sustainable service, power consumption and resources saving.

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Consultation and inquiries (knowledge Enrichment) For Free

Get calculations and design advantages prior to set orders

Our Vision and Mission

STEADY is planning to be the largest company in its field of local business , over the next five years; by achieving : values-based model, a highly experienced and rare team, and continuous training process. Which make our products and services always be:

  • Established according to the latest technical innovation in our business
  • And achieving mutual success with our customers

We are distinguished by the credibility, transparency and fair price policy

To achieve our slogan: introducing values furthermore Quality


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