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VF 50 Vertical fill



  • High flexibility according to installation situation
    Variable dimensions and different strength classes
  • Very low degree of clogging
    Vertical structure with large canal openings
  • High mechanical stability and high load bearing capacity
    Stable connection points and wall strengths ensure accessibility
  • High durability
    Use of age-resistant, effective materials 
  • Complies with the highest fire protection regulations
    Own formula using highly effective additives


High-performance trickle fill installations are characterised by their high mechanical strength.

This strength is determined by two special factors, on the one hand by the mechanical and extremely stable connection technology and on the other hand by the specially vertical fill design.

The OS 21circular fill can be produced in almost any strength class, so that, depending on the customer's requirements, the optimum design is available to suit the application.

Due to the optimised fill design with a free volume > 97%, these fills can be used for contaminated water qualities.

Standard dimensions:

2.400 x 300 x 600 (Length Width Height)  Different dimensions are available upon request

Channel opening:

2 x 21 mm (simple wave height 27 mm)

Effective surface area:

100 m²/m³

Channel structure:

Vertical offset


Polyvinylchlorid (PVC)

Operating temperatures:

< 55° C - constant - , max 60° C - short term - (measured water discharge at the distribution pipe )

Free volume:

> 97 %

Flammability rating:

ASTM E 84, UL 94, DIN 4102-B2

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